Teri Meri Doriyaann 24th December 2023 Written Update | Party Clash with Angad

Get ready for some serious desi vibes, because Yash is bringing the party to the Bears! He bursts onto the scene, dhol in hand, and whips the crowd into a frenzy with his infectious dance moves. But Angad? Not a fan. His irritation flares hotter than a tandoori oven as he demands Yash cut the music and explain his uninvited arrival. Unfazed, Yash cracks a coconut like a declaration of war, his traditional style a stark contrast to Angad’s modern polish. This high-voltage scene is pure Yo Desi Serials gold, leaving you pumped for the drama to unfold and desperate to know: What is Yash really after?

Inder Pleads with Yash to Stop the Project

Yash informs the Brar family that he intends to construct a tower in place of the Brar mansion. He claims he also hired an architect to construct the tower here. Yash directs the Architect and his team to complete their tasks. Manveer inquires of Akaal and Angad about what is going on. Inder requests that Yash stop making this joke. This, according to Yash, is not a joke.

Angad wants to teach Yash a lesson, but Inder stops him and tells him he will get himself into trouble if he raises his hand at Yash.

Sahiba Defends Family Portrait

Yash and his men enter the Brar home. Yash begins to destroy all the furniture in the Brar home. Yash’s soldiers repel Angad and other Brar house guards.

Yash attempts to smash a portrait of the Brar family, but Sahiba stops him and tells him that he can never tear this family apart. Sahiba requests that Yash leave the Brar home, but Yash mocks Sahiba.

Defending Brar Mansion Against Yash

Sahiba, noticing this, flees and returns with a stick to intimidate Yash. Sahiba has the support of the entire Brar family. She informs Yash that this is the Brar mansion and that he has given them two days to go, thus the Brar mansion is theirs until then. Yash claims he isn’t afraid of her phony threats. Akaal reminds his family of the lessons he taught them. Sahiba and the Brars prepare to thrash Yash.

Precap: At the Gurudwara, Sahiba meets the judge. Sahiba interprets it as a divine sign and asks the Judge what they should do about the notice to abandon their home. The judge informs Sahiba that he does not give tell and departs.

Sahiba urges her family not to give up hope. Sahiba believes Yash is planning something because he delivered the notification on Friday.

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