Radha Mohan 24th December 2023 Written Update | Tulsi’s Menacing Presence

The episode radha mohan written update starts with possessed. Mohan informs Damini that he would not spare her. He approaches her. Damini notices Tulsi’s front door is open. She dashes inside and locks the door from the inside.

Radha Chases Kaveri

Kaveri, on the other hand, hopes Damini is alright. She calls Guru maa but receives no response. She claims that Guru maa never answers the phone when they need her. Radha shows up. Radha’s presence astounds Kaveri. Radha inquires about Kaveri’s phone call. Kaveri instructs her to depart from there. Radha attempts to steal Kaveri’s phone. Kaveri inquires as to why Radha desires her phone. She dashes into the room. Radha is chasing Kaveri. Kaveri becomes exhausted.

Radha Threatens Kaveri

Radha informs Kaveri that she lives in the house for free. Nothing belongs to Kaveri, she claims. She goes on to say that she is Malkin of the house. Kaveri informs Radha that she and Damini have Mohan’s support, hence the latter is powerless. Radha informs Kaveri that Mohan is possessed by Tulsi and that Tulsi is always by her side. She claims that Kaveri is aware of what she and Tulsi are capable of. Kaveri remembers how possessed Mohan strangled Damini. She also remembers Radha and Tulsi beating her and Damini.

Damini Fears for Her Life, Kaveri Terrified of Tulsi

Damini convinces herself that she must find a means to leave the house or she will die inside. She notices that the doors are shut. Mohan warns Damini that she must prepare to die. Hearing this, Damini becomes terrified.

Radha informs Kaveri that she would not intervene and that Tulsi will murder Damini and Kaveri. She claims that because Tulsi cannot be penalized by law, she will not suffer any consequences. She tells Kaveri that Tulsi is present. Hearing this, Kaveri becomes terrified.

Radha Tricks Kaveri, Takes Control of the Phone

Tulsi, according to Radha, is staring at Kaveri. She pretends to be speaking to Tulsi. She requests that Tulsi give Kaveri a painless death. In terror, Kaveri drops her phone. Radha picks up the phone. Kaveri realizes Radha lied up until now. Radha then proceeds. Kaveri informs Radha that she is powerless because her phone is locked. Radha obtains the phone by duping Kaveri. She walks away with Kaveri’s phone. Kaveri is curious as to what Radha would do with the phone.

Radha promises herself that she will find out whether Kadambari is Guru maa or not today. She looks up Guru maa’s phone number and concludes that Kadambari and Guru maa are not the same person. She notices Kadambari in her chamber.

Mohan Breaks Door, Damini Fears for Her Life

Damini is startled to see blood drips. She cries in agony. Mohan requests that Damini open the door. He bangs on the door. Damini tells herself that she is unsure what she should do next. Mohan grabs the rod and smashes the door. Damini goes into hiding. Mohan looks for Damini. He invites her to come out. Damini convinces herself that if she comes out now, she would die.

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