Rab Se Hai Dua 24th December 2023 Written Update | Hina’s Confession

Hina’s bombshell confession explodes on-screen, shattering Dua’s world like a dropped chai glass in Chandni Chowk! Witness sparks fly in this free Hindi serial episode as Haider’s eyes turn molten lava with rage, mirroring the sizzling tandoor in a Delhi street food stall. But amidst the emotional inferno, a chilling realization dawns on Dua: “Gulnaaz was right!” Gazal’s house of lies crumbles faster than a samosa in a monsoon, paving the way for justice (sweet as gulab jamun!)

Gulnaaz Seeks Acceptance

But he recognizes that she is not just his mother’s sautan, but also a nice lady. He claims that they encountered several difficulties. God revealed the truth. He recognized her nice nature. Gulnaaz claims she has always misunderstood him. She requests that he refer to her as mom. He gives her a happy hug. Gazal stands back and observes everything. She believes Gulnaaz is pleased with them now that she has filmed the video. She will not be happy in the future. Gulnaaz intends to plan against them. They become emotional.

Dua Searches for Gazal

Dua inquires as to the whereabouts of Gazal. Gulnaaz claims they didn’t see her during the Haldi ceremony either. Hameeda believes she is plotting something major against them. Dua remembers the events and becomes suspicious. Dua informs Haider that Gazal has been admitted to the hospital. She claims to be certain. When they arrived at the hospital, Gazal was also present. Haider claims she was not present.

Dua claims to have been present. We ran into Gazal there. She requested that Gazal remove her burqa. He came to a halt in front of her. Haider claims that her voice was unique. Dua claims to be Gazal. Gazal, according to Dua, followed them to the hospital. She will spoil their happiness. Her malevolent gaze fell on their joy. Gazal believes she is correct. She’s going to take her happiness away from her.

Haider and Dua Care for Hina

In the meantime, someone sneaks into the lab and exchanges the material. Eihchaaz spotted a wardboy walking away. He tells Gazal that he will carry out his plan. Gazal requests that he carry out the strategy. She will begin her plot to devastate Akhthar’s family. In the meanwhile, Haider and Dua are caring for Hina. Gulnaaz shows up. Rahat inquires as to what happened to her. She expresses to him that her head hurts. Gazal arrives in pursuit of Hina. In rage, Dua smacks Gazal. Dua orders her not to refer to her as mom with her filthy lips.

Hina’s Unwavering Support

Gazal tells Hina that Dua smacked her in the face. She requests that she curse her. Hina maintains her composure. Dua says she will not respond. Gazal was allowed to reside at this house. She will evict her from the house. Hina, according to Gazal, will not believe her. Hina will not let anybody leave her side. Dua claims to have recovered consciousness. Gazal cautions Hina not to believe Dua’s remarks. She is taking advantage of her medical situation. She requests that she not believe Dua. Hina approaches Gazal. She surprises everyone by hugging her.

Gulnaaz’s Joyful Deception

Hina tells Gazal that no one will send her out of the house as long as she is alive. Gulnaaz believes she has lost her memories once more. Gulnaaz requests that she not believe her. She admitted to them that Gazal had pushed her out the window. She requests that they hand over her phone. Gulnaaz requests that Noor fetch her phone from the room. Gulnaaz is surprised to see that the video has vanished from her phone. Gazal recalls sneaking into her room and blurring the CCTV camera. Gulnaaz was delighted to fabricate evidence against her.

She locates her phone and unlocks it with a photo of herself. She removed the footage off her phone. Gulnaaz claims Gazal removed the footage from her phone. Hina prevents Gulnaaz from slapping Gazal. Hina claims that Gazal is her daughter, not her adversary. Ruhan says he will go at the CCTV tape and confirm it. He demonstrates to Hina that Gazal entered Gulnaaz’s chamber.
According to Ruhan, Gazal obscured the camera in Gulnaaz’s room. Hina inquires as to why she did so. Gazal believes she will be unable to flee today.

Rab Se Hai Dua 23rd December 2023 Episode Update

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