Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 24th December 2023 Written Update | Mother’s Inquiry

Jarnail begins the episode by deciding that if he cannot find the pendrive, he must murder him. He doesn’t have any other options. His mother appears and asks him who he intended to kill. He informs her that one of his industrial workers stole. He will punish him in such a way that he will never forget it. She inquires as to the identity of the worker. He storms out of there, furious. She believes she hasn’t hidden anything from him yet.

What’s going through his head? He overhears Heer and the commissioner’s chat. She requests that he examine the CCTV footage and arrest him. Jarnail believes she intends to examine the CCTV video. From there, he departs. Heer tells him he shouldn’t bring it home. She doesn’t want to offend her brother-in-law or his family. Kuldeep is looking at his laptop. Sunny and Simran arrive and discover his plot to surprise Heer. He had a surprise prepared for Heer. Simran states that she will notify her. Kuldeep claims that it is a surprise for her and that he should not tell it to her.

Heer’s Relatives React

Heer’s relatives gathered at the event. After witnessing the reception arrangements, Heer’s brother tells his wife that Heer won the lotto. Jarnail’s mother greets them. She is sarcastic with him. His husband claims that his kid did what he did not. He battled for his love. His wife makes expressions. She tells Sardaj that they don’t need to be concerned about Heer. Meanwhile, Jarnail is looking for Heer. He is taken aback to find Commissioner present. His mother greets him. He wonders what he’s doing here. The commissioner is greeted by family members. His mother requests that Jarnail greet the commissioner. Meanwhile, in her room, Heer is preparing for the gathering.

Navjot Seeks Information

Kuldeep arrives and admires her. He compliments her attractiveness. Heer recalls counsel given to her by family members. She enthusiastically holds Kuldeep’s hand. Jarnail inquires of his mother as to why he invited the commissioner. She informs him that her son’s wedding celebration is today. This is the ideal moment to meet them. She tells him not to be concerned about anything. His mother has arrived. Meanwhile, Navjot inquires of her spouse as to what transpired.

Heer and Kuldeep in the Spotlight

He informs her that Jeet is unable to answer his phone. He is depicted bound and gagged in a dark area. Everyone’s gaze is drawn to Heer and Kuldeep. Jarnail snarls at them. Sunny and Simran embrace Heer. Jarnail’s gaze is drawn to her. She believes he was being disrespectful to his children. Jarnail believes she may have seen the CCTV footage, which is why she is keeping a tight eye on him. His mother requests that Kuldeep and Heer be blessed by their relatives.

Jarnail’s Search for Answers

Everyone applauds them. Jarnail then departs. The commissioner presents Hear with a bouquet. She meets with the commissioner and presents him to Heer. The commissioner claims to have known her before. They require a military, just as we do in our nation. She inquires if he has discovered the truth. He promises to find it as soon as possible. Her mother-in-law believes she began making a scene. Jarnail searches Heer’s room for the pendrive.

Heer’s Emotional Farewell

Jarnail discovers something in Heer’s bag. Heer’s mother tells her to always make her in-laws pleased. She must forget about her parental home. They depart from there. Meanwhile, the thugs are erecting a wall around Jeet. Sardaj is concerned about Jeet. Heer believes Jeet will not attend this event. She is concerned that he is in danger. She dials his number. Jeet is gradually regaining consciousness. Kuldeep makes an announcement. In front of everyone, he proposed to her. He claims to have a surprise for Heer.

Heer’s Suspicion Grows

He will reveal it at the conclusion of this gathering. Jarnail discovers the pendrive and believes there is no proof against him. He discovers a lot of pendrives in her room. He believes he must examine everything in order to locate the genuine Pendrive. Meanwhile, Jarnail showed up at the party. Heer sees his nervousness. He realizes that one of the pendrives has fallen to the ground. He takes it right away. Heer is aware of it.

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