Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th November 2023 Episode Update

The imposter truck driver is about to drive off, when Arjun notices that the bag is moving and stops the truck. Mohan and the goon dismantle the truck. The goon claims you just checked. Arjun says he wants to double-check. Mohan predicts that we will suffer a setback. Arjun claims that he observed the bag move but that the grain bag did not move. Vishal mocks Arjun and wonders why he wants to see it again. Kashvi encourages him not to mock him and advises Arjun to believe his instincts and not reject them. Arjun requests that they unlock the truck. He says the bag is moving and investigates it, but all he discovers is rice.

Vishal questions Arjun about why he is stopping the automobiles while there is a long line of vehicles. Arjun expresses his concern that something is awry. He inspects the bag, but it contains rice. When the bags fell into the truck, he was going to get down. Vishal claims it fell when you were walking. Then two more sacks fall to the ground. Arjun wonders whether I’m still mistaken. Kashvi requests that he check the bag. He opens the bag and discovers clothes, followed by a teenage girl. They are all taken aback. Mohan and the truck driver are surprised to be apprehended.

Rescue Operation

They were bringing them to sell, according to the girl, and they are from Faridabad. She claims there are more girls in the truck as well. The truck driver is preparing to flee when Kashvi apprehends him, and he strikes her. He is apprehended by civil officer trainees and the police. He claims to have the paperwork and displays them. Kashvi tugs on his beard. Arjun inquires about your partner’s whereabouts. According to the truck driver, he escaped. Vishal examines the paperwork and declares that the civil officer stamp is yours. Kashvi ji, please. Kashvi is taken aback. She double-checks the paperwork.

Senior officers question Kashvi about her stamp being found on files for girl trafficking. Kashvi responds, “I’m not sure.” The other officer claims you are to blame, and you will be suspended unless you establish your innocence. Vishal beams. Kashvi claims she had no idea; perhaps someone went to her cabin and took the stamp on the documents. The officer says we will investigate this situation, but you will be suspended until the investigation is completed. Vishal believes you are deserving of this, Kashvi Maam. Kashvi returns to her cabin and displays the stamp from her office. She claims that someone came here and stamped the documents. Vishal believes you may have handed it to someone.

Innocence Challenged

Arjun requests that he stop talking. Kashvi’s supervisor scolds Vishal, apologizes to her, and informs her that he is unable to assist her. Kashvi claims that I am innocent and have done nothing wrong, and that she will prove it. Vishal informs Arpit that he doesn’t know how she would get out of the massive scandal. Arjun follows her. Kashvi states that she does not wish to speak with him. Arjun claims that he knows you are innocent and would assist you in proving it. Kashvi tells him, “I don’t need your help; I’ve handled everything well up to this point,” and tells him to stay away from her if he has any shame or self-respect. She walks away.

Arjun claims he still has self-respect, shame, and humanity, which is why he is here. He claims he has pushed her so far that she no longer requires his assistance and wishes to live her life without him. He claims he wants to help her and will assist her in proving her innocence. The peon arrives and informs them that a small kid and his mother have arrived and that their admittance has not been registered. Karun and Mahima, according to Arjun, have arrived.

Unraveling the Conspiracy

He believes that if Mahima grabbed the stamp and provided it to the females trafficking group, she is not related to the gang. He considers going to the PS and asking Lokesh, the truck owner. When he arrives at the police station, he overhears the Inspector questioning Lokesh about his boss and beats him. Lokesh reveals that his boss’s name is Mohan. Inspector displays Mohan’s photograph. Lokesh confirms, adding that he gambles and has just begun trafficking in women. Arjun connects the dots and concludes that Mahima went to Kashvi’s office, stole, and took the stamp. He believes Mahima will not readily confess, and he considers how to force her to confess and where I may obtain proof.

Kashvi returns home and informs Dadi that she has been suspended and that this is the reason for her suspension. She tells her everything, and that Boss told her that I can’t work till the investigation is over. Dadi says it’s excellent news and that you don’t need to visit Arjun anymore because Mata Rani has saved you from the pain. Kashvi says there’s nothing nice in this and that she’ll receive the stain of a traitor and that she can’t live with it.

Arjun inquires of Karun as to who brought him home that day. Karun claims that Mamma contacted Micky Mama and asked him to bring him home because she had some vital duties. He leaves. Arjun wonders if Mahima knew Kashvi was coming and arranged everything to trap Kashvi, or if she assisted Mohan without knowing about Kashvi. He considers finding out and proving that Mahima took the stamp.


Arjun notices a CCTV camera on the road and Mahima handing documents to Mohan. Later, he plans to reveal the pendrive to the civil department and informs Jagdish that he will submit it to prove Kashvi’s innocence. Arjun, according to Jagdish, you will not do this.

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