Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2023 Episode Update

From there, Arjun takes Kashvi. Vishal searches for Kashvi as the smoke clears, claiming that Arjun is absent and that he must have saved her. Arjun and Kashvi have gone to the restroom. He uses tissue paper to clean her wound. Kashvi is crying and asks him what he is doing. Arjun claims you were harmed by the thorn and that a lot of blood had flowed. Let me clean it, he says. Kashvi wonders why she is feeling anything with his touch and assures herself that she would not feel anything because he is of someone else. She pulls him away and tells him, “I’ve taken care of myself.” I understand, replies Arjun, but this injury is on your back.

Kashvi tells him that she can take care of herself as she has for the past five years and wants him to leave. He approaches her. Kashvi requests that you not touch her. Arjun tells Kashvi, “Please don’t do this to me,” and asks her to realize that he inquired about her, but no one knew about her. He claims he wanted to meet her, apologize to her, and tell her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him. Kashvi requests that he not lie. She claims you signed the divorce papers. He claims you sent it. Kashvi claims she sent it because she was angry, and he signed it because he loved someone else.

Arjun’s Internal Struggle with Marriage and Hidden Truths

Arjun insists that I sign because….he recalls Mahima becoming pregnant. She inquires, “What?” Kashvi claims that you urged me to leave your life and that you didn’t believe me when I informed you that your mother had murdered my parents. She argues that if you marry someone, you must respect that relationship and keep a professional relationship with her.  Arjun considers telling her the truth about why he married, and the girl’s name is Mahima. He believes Kashvi will despise him much more, yet he will tell her. He claims she is upset with me because I married someone.

Kashvi hugs Dadi and tells her she didn’t want to be in the city because she doesn’t want to face Arjun, but….Dadi advises her to maintain a professional relationship with Arjun and not to allow her emotions get the best of her,

Kashvi’s Resolve

Kashvi responds, “You’re right, I have to face this situation head on and not fall weak.” She claims she fainted when she saw him, but she does not want him back in her life because he is selfish like his mother. Dadi urges Mata Rani to look after her happiness and warns her that she may be hurt again.

Arjun returns home. Karun tells him that he went to her school with Mamma today. Arjun hopes Mahima didn’t notice Kashvi and wonders why you both came. Mahima arrives and hands Karun chocolate, telling him to go out and eat. Karun leaves. Mahima informs Arjun that she came to thank the civil officer for rescuing Kashvi. He says I’ll thank her, and then he questions Mahima, wondering if she has any goals. The next day, Vishal informs Arjun that he destroyed his plan and that he meant to teach Kashvi a lesson and lock the fence, but he spared Kashvi and then both went away.

Confrontation and Compromise

Arjun is outraged and threatens to leave if he misbehaves with Kashvi Maam again. He promises to teach him a lesson in two minutes. Vishal confronts Arjun over threatening him. Arjun raises his hand to slap Vishal, but Kashvi intervenes and grabs it. She tells them that such conduct will not be permitted and requests that they apologize to each other. Arjun and Vishal apologize to one another. Kashvi informs them that they have received information that the car will be leaving from this checkpoint, which contains illegal items, and that they will not let it go. He claims that they will thoroughly inspect all of the automobiles.

Mohan and his goon masquerade as the Sardar. Mohan inquires if he resembles Sardar. The goon says sure, we can cross the checkpoint easily, and that they have the Civil officer stamp as well. Mohan inquires about the presence of rice in the bags. The goon claims that he has stuffed the material so thoroughly with rice that no one can discover it.

At the checkpoint, all of the trainees come to a halt and inspect the vehicles. Kashvi and Mr. Mehra are both standing. Mohan and the goon arrive in the truck, loaded with rice bags. Arjun inspects two bags and discovers rice and wheat in both. The goon impersonating the driver inquires as to why he is squandering the grains. Kashvi shows up. Vishal claims that there is nothing in it. The goon/driver returns to the tempo. Arjun knows he had seen the bags sway.


Arjun pauses the tempo and double-checks it. They discover a hostage in the bag. The goon tries to flee, but Kashvi stops him as Mohan flees. Vishal examines the paper and informs Kashvi that it has been stamped by her. Kashvi is taken aback.

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