Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd December 2023 Episode Update

Adi asks Arjun to finish the task quickly. Arjun leaves. Adi inquires about Kashvi’s wellbeing. Says Kashvi, “I came to search for my child and discovered that he/she is here.” She says, “I don’t know what would have happened, but thank God the police arrived on time.” According to her, Pratibha gave birth to a baby girl who passed away. She asks what to do after stating that all options are closed. Adi informs her that a mother calms her and is always powerful. Thanking Adi, Kashvi hugs him.

Arjun questions whether Adi—the person who calmed her—is indeed her best friend. Subsequently, Arjun tells Jagdish that Kashvi went to the location with the red light to look for a child. Why, Jagdish wonders? Arjun mentions that Kashvi may be considering adopting a child, adding that although he has Karun, she only has Dadi. Kashvi needs a life mate, according to Jagdish, and he promises to look for one for her; this will be of great assistance to her.

Kashvi’s Unexpected Encounter with Neel

Adi shows Kashvi the file indicating that another woman gave birth that day and informs him that he has all the information. Kashvi asks how this may be feasible. She attends classes. Karun grinned when he saw her. Asking the youngster if he is Mahira’s son Neel, Kashvi approaches him. Yes, he responds. Kashvi anticipates giving her son her first embrace. As she shuts her eyes and sits down to give him a hug, Karun gives her a hug instead.

He says, “I hugged you because Neel doesn’t like to hug people.” “I thought you came to see me,” he adds, “but you came to see Neel.” I can’t tell Kashvi that Neel is my son, he believes. Karun reports that she gave chocolates and gave hugs to every child. Karun accepts the chocolate. Neel declines Kashvi’s offer of chocolate, claiming he doesn’t eat it. It’s okay if he eats or me, Karun responds, calling himself my best friend. Kashvi proposes to drive him home. Neel says his mother has told him not to accept rides from strangers and that he will travel by van. Neel is informed by Karun that he knows her and that they would ride in her vehicle.

Mahima’s Intricate Scheme

Neel concurs. Thanks to Karun, Kashvi. Karun responds, “I’m helping you home because you always help me.” Mahima remembers breaking into the medical records, writing Pratibha’s name on her spot and Mahira’s name on the name of another patient. She claims that Pratibha was Mahesh’s girlfriend and that Kashvi will be arrested if she goes to a red light. If she is saved, she will eventually reach Mahira, and I know how to influence her. Facebook closes. Where has Kashvi gone, wonders Mahima? When she tries to reach Pratibha, her call is not answered.

Kashvi believes Neel is similar to her and Arjun in the automobile. Neel laughs at Karun. Although Kashvi believes Neel to be her son, she finds herself drawn to Karun. She lets them go. In her prayer to God, Kashvi says her son will turn to look at her. When Karun turns to face her, he begs her to watch out for him. When Karun gets home, he tells Mahima everything.

Mahima is relieved to see her plan come to pass. She receives a party invitation from Arjun’s workplace. She considers what to dress. Karun says he’s hungry and wonders what you’re thinking. He also says he wants food. Mahima requests that he speak with Arjun in order to obtain a saree for her. Karun nods and leaves. Mahima claims that she is rearing you to grant her wishes. Kashvi said she never imagined learning about her son at such a young age.


Kashvi gives thanks to God for bringing her kid into her life. Arjun is informed by Karun that he has a desire. What does Arjun ask? Mahima informs Neel’s mother Mahira that she needs to speak with her regarding a crucial matter. I informed Kashvi that Neel is her son, she claims. Later, Arjun becomes irate when Adi assists Kashvi in donning a saree.

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