Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st December 2023 Episode Update

Aditya speaks to Kashvi’s picture and says, “When I propose to you, you must agree.” He claims you consider me to be your best friend, but I’ve moved on and want to be your love, life, and life partner. He says he wants to hear your approval before proposing you. Kashvi is leaving the school when she notices a small girl running inside and pleading with Kashvi to save her. Kashvi conceals herself behind the automobile. The men with the hockey sticks ignore her and continue on their way. Kashvi and the girl emerge. Kashvi wonders who they are. The girl introduces herself as Simran, and they are her family guys.

She expresses her desire to marry someone from another caste, but they insist on her marrying someone from their own. She claims that if she does not marry, they will kill her for her honor. Kashvi claims that they cannot harm you and that she is a civil officer who will have them arrested. The males arrive and invite her to join them. Kashvi orders them to go and informs them that Simran will not accompany them. She claims to be the law’s guardian and will not allow Simran escape. The man calls you a weak girl and asks what you intend to do. Kashvi advises not to confuse any girl for weak.

She humiliates them. One of the men slaps Kashvi and grips Simran. Kashvi beats him with a stick and flees away with Simran’s hand in her hand. They notice an automobile approaching. Simran inquires, “Who is he?” Arjun is in the car and instructs them to sit quickly. Kashvi says I’ll say it. They get in the car and drive away. The men claim to have fled. Simran praises them for saving her life; otherwise, she doesn’t know what would have happened. Kashvi requests that she not thank them. She informs Arjun that Simran’s family guys are on her side. She inquires of Simran, “Where are you going?” Simran admits she has no idea. Kashvi claims she can’t leave her alone and invites her to her home.

Simran claims they saw you and discovered you are a civil officer, so we will not go to your residence. She claims that if I come to your place, you will be in trouble as well. Arjun offers to take Simar to his residence, where she will be safe because the men haven’t seen his face. Ok, says Simran. Kashvi concurs as well. Arjun says he’ll first take Kashvi to her place. He drops Kashvi off before bringing Simran to his place. Mahima inquires, “Who is she?” Simran is taken aback when she sees Micky.

Simran Shocks Mahima and Micky

Micky is likewise taken aback. Mahima inquires, “Who is she?” Arjun claims to be Karun’s Nanny, taking care of him. Mahima claims that we don’t need Nanny because Chachi and I look after Karun. Romila believes Mahima doesn’t move a leaf and has appointed me as Servant. She claims Arjun was thinking of us and brought Nanny. She instructs Mahima to imagine that someone will always be with Karun. He says Simran is experienced with children and that this is his final decision. Okay, says Mahima. Simran and Micky exchange glances.

Aditya informs Dadi that she is Kashvi’s Dadi and that no one is smarter or more intelligent than her. Dadi asks him to explain what is wrong. Aditya shows Kashvi the rings and asks which one she prefers. Dadi inquires, “What do you mean?” She inquires as to whether he intends to propose to her. Aditya affirms. He claims that he considered becoming her best husband from her best friend. He claims that when they left Allahabad, he realized how much he loved her and that he took the transfer and came here. Dadi believes Kashvi will forget about Arjun. She chooses a diamond ring for herself. Diamond for my diamond, he says. Kashvi shows up. Aditya requests that Dadi conceal the ring. He tells Kashvi that they will have food after she freshens up. Kashvi inquires if they were, in fact, discussing it. Dadi inquires as to when he plans to propose to her. Aditya says after dinner today.

Micky and Simran’s Unwavering Bond

Simran dresses Karun in his nightgown. Karun claims you forgot to make me wear pajamas. Simran thinks you’re a little master for figuring it out. She makes him put on his pajamas. Karun expresses his happiness for Pajama and her, and asks if she will become his friend. She agrees. Micky later visits Simran. He, Simran says with a smile, I love you. Micky hugs her and asks why she didn’t answer the phone when I called. Simran claims that her family members learned about them and attempted to marry her off to someone else, but she refused. She claims that after they attempted to kill her, she fled from home and was saved by a lady officer. He thanks God for saving you. He claims that your family will not agree, but that you will remain here as Nanny. She promises that we will find a solution. Micky says he will go to any length to ensure your happiness and that he loves you. Arjun looks at them from outside.


Aditya tries to propose Kashvi. Karun sees Simran’s photo in Aditya’s phone and tells that she is his Nanny. Aditya is shocked. Later Arjun calls Kashvi to give the good news of Micky and Simran.

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