Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th December 2023 Episode Update


Arjun threatens Kashvi with a leap from the rooftop if she does not kiss him. Kashvi believes you are asking for the wrong thing. As he attempts to jump, she gives up and agrees. He gets down, and she kisses him.


Adi asks the waiter whether he seen Kashvi a few hours ago. He claims Kashvi went to the terrace. Kashvi walks to the terrace and notices Arjun walking on the railing. She asks Arjun what he is doing and invites him to come down. Kashvi he says. Kashvi says we’ll chat once you get down. Arjun declares that he does not want to live today and that there is no way for him to do so. He claims that my life companion and partner for life was with me, but that I ruined everything. Kashvi invites him to come down. Arjun claims that he does not wish to live.


Adi notices the items that have fallen. Just then, he hears Kashvi call out Arjun’s name. Kashvi begs him to come down for her sake. Arjun says he will agree to your words and will do everything for you. He claims he will not leap down and, as a condition, asks her to kiss him. Kashvi says nonsense and refuses to kiss him. Arjun threatens to leap if you don’t kiss him. He says I’ll jump down and straight up from there. Kashvi asks him not to jump. Arjun says he wants to jump. Kashvi invites him to come down. He claims you are my life savior and will save me. He asks whether she will kiss him. Kashvi says no. Arjun urges her to witness his death in front of her. Kashvi responds, “I’ll kiss you,” and invites him to come down. He claims you are saying yes. Kashvi replies yes and asks him to extend his hand to her. Arjun extends his hand to her and says, “I would have fallen down and died.” Kashvi says no. She assists him in descending. Arjun kisses her cheek. Adi arrives and witnesses Kashvi and Arjun kissing. Kashvi, what are you doing? If you are kissing him, it shows you have feelings for him, but you know he is married and has a child. He wonders why you didn’t tell me you had feelings for Arjun, and he believes he shouldn’t pass judgment on Kashvi because he is her best friend. Kashvi remembers Arjun and Mahima from the celebration. She pushes Arjun and inquires as to what he did.


Arjun claims you agreed to kiss me. Kashvi claims that I said yes to save your life but did not do so. She informs him that you are married and asks him not to offend Mahima, his love. Let me communicate my sentiments to you, said Arjun. Kashvi tells you that what you want to convey is that you love me and that your marriage to Mahima is a compromise. She says, “I know it’s a lie, but you’re married, and we’re happily divorced now.” She says exactly what you want to say: you’re intoxicated. Arjun claims he is feeling funny, that he just had a small drink, and that his drink was spiked. Kashvi advises him not to lie and blame the booze. She claims you married Mahima, so why did you kiss me? She claims that we are now divorced, and that I have moved on with my life. Arjun says he saw him propose to you and is certain you consented. He says, “Let’s kiss again,” and then adds, “You’re my ex, and I’ll give you pleasure and thrill.” Kashvi shoves him and exclaims, “I can’t believe you say such things.” She claims you are such and enjoys making new relationships, but has no empathy for others and damages them. He claims it will provide you with excitement and enjoyment. Some interns work there. Kashvi warns Arjun and begs him to focus on his training and let her do her job. She leaves.


Simran comes out of the house late at night and notices Micky standing there. Micky hugs her and says he can’t live without her. He claims they’ll elope. Simran asks where we’ll go if we elope, and says she can’t elope with him and risk his life. He claims they will assassinate you. Micky claims he is not afraid of anyone. Harman appears, clutching the stick, and yells Simran’s name.


Adi enters the party hall, and a guest informs him that the party is going well. He walks out and sits in his car, sobbing. Kashvi enters the party hall and summons Adi, but he doesn’t hear her. She believes she’ll get a cab and depart from here because the party is a disaster for her.


Harman triumphs over Micky. Gitika grabs Simran and orders Harman to beat him. Simran begs Harman to let Micky go. Harman refuses. Some men arrive, wielding a stick, and inquire as to what transpired. Harman claims he was breaking into his residence and begs them to hit him. He was beaten. The police arrive and issue a warning. The man claims that we will murder him since he is having an affair with a neighboring woman. Inspector says you can’t take the law into your own hands and orders Constable to grab Micky. Gitika confines Simran within the house.


Aditya has returned home. Dadi inquires as to where Kashvi is if you did not propose to her. Adi claims that Kashvi has declined. Dadi inquires, “Why?” Adi claims she still has feelings for her ex-husband and has done something with her trainee. Dadi wonders what she done. Adi claims Kashvi kissed Arjun and says when he is married and has a child. Dadi is taken aback and inquires, “Did you see?” Adi says yes, but she declines my proposal since she still has feelings for her ex-husband.


Precap: Dadi reminds Kashvi that she should never think of stooping so low, and asks if she kissed Arjun. Kashvi gets slapped. Gitika informs Mahima that if Simran marries Micky, she will notify Kashvi that her son is alive. Simran overhears them. Adi decides to look into Kashvi and looks through her information. Simran informs Gitika and Mahima that she has heard them and will inform Kashvi that her son is alive.


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