Parineetii 24th December 2023 Written Update | Parineeti’s Emotional Moment

Parineet begins the episode by sharing her anguish with Gurpreet. When Sanju sees Parineet in tears, he becomes emotional. Parineet remembers her lovely moments with Gurpreet. She cries and hugs her. Sanju comforts her. In the hospital, Parineet meets Jyothi. She introduced her to Sanju.

Sanju Reminisces, Parineet Seeks Blessings

She excuses herself to see a patient. She informs him that she had forgotten to ask him to her wedding. Sanju says she may get her phone number from the receptionist. Sanju later comes home. He remembers his lovely times with Neeti. Parineet clings to her mother’s garment, sharing her anguish with it. She begs her mother to bless her. She would have been pleased if she was present.

Sanju is on her side. She intends to remarry Sanju. The storm may be heard by Sanju and Parineet. They shut the windows. Something is awry, according to Sanju. Parineet has a feeling that something will go awry. Meanwhile, Bebe is deep in contemplation. Gurinder inquires as to what is going on in her head. Nothing is spoken by Bebe. Gurinder claims that she can fool everyone but herself. She convinced everyone that she adores Parineet. She is well aware that she despises Parineet.

Gurinder Confronts Bebe

Bebe tells Gurinder that Parminder’s comments have meaning in this family. Nobody is listening to Gurinder’s statements. They’re making a mockery of her. Gurinder yells at her. Bebe instigates her against her family members. She inquires as to what she is thinking. Who was the mastermind behind everything? Gurinder inquires if she attempted to murder Parineet. She requests that she remain silent. Meanwhile, the priest instructs Parminder on the ceremonies.

Sanju Urges Parineet to Meet the Doctor

He requests that she contact Parineet and Sanju. They can’t see one other after this rasam. Meanwhile, Sanju informs Parineet that following eating rasam, we must visit the doctor for a routine checkup. Parineet thinks we can put it off. Sanju said she can’t ignore it. Parineet informs him that they will marry the next day. We shouldn’t see each other’s faces after this rasam. This wedding had already brought her many unpleasant omens. She doesn’t want to damage this as well.

Sanju informs her that she is rigorously adhering to this rasam. Sanju claims he does not believe it. Parminder insists on believing it. He believes in pehras, thus he must believe in it as well. He says Parineet is having a checkup. It’s also vital, according to Parminder. Let’s contact the doctor and get her checked out at home. Sanju appreciates her suggestion. Later, Neeti is getting ready to look stunning. Sukhwinder compliments her attractiveness.

Neeti’s Determination for Marriage

In Parineetii serials hindi, Neeti declares her will to marry. She must finish the rasam. Sukhwinder is concerned about Neeti. Meanwhile, the priest instructs Monty to use this dhuppatta to conceal Parineet and Sanju’s faces. They shouldn’t be able to see their faces after this rasam. Monty and Babli are in charge of the dhuppatta. He places the bracelet on Parineet’s hand and tells her not to look at him till the wedding. Sanju hears the same thing from the priest.

Wedding Blessing Instructions

The priest tells Parminder that their wedding will be blessed tomorrow evening. They should not see each other till. From there, he departs. Parminder requests that Parineet and Sanju remember the priest’s remarks. She claims that they must be in a separate corner for it. She asks Chandrika to accompany Parineet to her room. Parineet is taken care of by Babli and Chandrika. Bebe believes she will ensure that they do not see each other again.

Parineet’s life is under jeopardy.

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