Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 2nd December 2023 Episode Update

 The final rites for Protima commence. Didun stops Chakri from going to Neerja and tells her not to swell her eyes since she has to go to a client in the middle of the night and now go stop Neerja from sobbing and complete this drama. Chakri approaches Neerja and calms her, telling her that she must let Protima go and rest in peace, and promising to accomplish all of her mother’s aspirations. Neerja sobs uncontrollably. Abeer informs Sarthak that he needs to speak with Neerja. Bijoy tells Abeer to get ready and tells Sarthak not to give in to Abeer’s wishes because the wedding is very important.

Munmun goes to Trisha’s room to figure out what is bothering her. Munmun loses her ring and discovers the poison bottle Trisha threatened to consume. He examines the bottle, which smells like coconut water, and eats it, realizing Trisha was acting. Trisha takes a walk to Munmun. Munmun declares that your game is done. Trisha bursts out laughing and asks, “You thought I’d beg you for forgiveness?” Munmun informs me that I am calling Abeer. Abeer’s phone battery dies before he can pick up the phone and depart to speak with Munmun.

Trisha’s Scheme Exposed to Munmun and Abeer

Munmun attempts to get her phone from Trisha, who confesses to feigning suicide in order to marry Abeer. She warns Munmun not to reveal her plans, threatening to charge Munmun and Kaushik if she does. Abeer’s unexpected presence interrupts their conversation. Neerja decides to carry out Protima’s final rites. Abeer interrogates Munmun and Trisha about their dispute, suspecting they’re concealing something. Both deny the conflict exists. Abeer questions Munmun about her phone conversation, but she dismisses it as an error and sends Abeer away to prepare.

Munmun is warned by Trisha not to interfere with her wedding arrangements with Abeer. Trisha is concerned about Neerja and blames her for the difficulties in her love story, believing Didun would have silenced her. Neerja mourns Protima’s death at the gravesite, expressing her love and liberating Protima from Sonagachi’s difficulties. She prays for Protima’s calm rebirth away from Sonagachi’s tribulations. As Abeer prepares for his wedding, he is disturbed by several phone notifications.

Abeer’s Dilemma and Neerja’s Ultimatum

Moushmi assists Trisha in preparing for the ceremony, but Abeer is distracted by Sarthak’s entrance and misses Protima’s message. Sarthak requests that Abeer accompany him. Abeer unwillingly departs. Neerja performs Protima’s funeral rites before visiting a temple in the cemetery and hoping for Protima’s wishes to be granted. Abeer stands at the wedding mandap, waiting for the priest to call the bride forward for the garland exchange ceremony. Trisha arrives at the wedding mandap.

Didun threatens Neerja with destruction if she tries to flee. Abeer tells Didun that when he burns her Baadi, she would lose all her pride. Didun promises that she will return. Everyone in the mandap is waiting for Abeer. Abeer enters with Neerja.

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