Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 27th November 2023 Episode Update

Abeer receives a phone call from Trisha. Neerja receives a voice note from Abeer addressing her as Mishti Doi, which reminds her of her history with Abeer and causes her to become sad. Abeer enters his room. Trisha hugs him and begs him not to leave her. I’m terrified of the dark; please light some candles or I’ll have a panic attack. Trisha expresses awe after lighting the diyas.

Abeer wonders what this is. Trisha claims that we simply lit 14 diyas as a ceremony and that no one can separate us now. Abeer says you’re resting and getting ready to leave. Trisha hears firecrackers and clutches Abeer, pleading with him not to leave her because she is terrified. Abeer discovers a fuse on the bed and believes Trisha purposefully cut the connection, prompting him to inquire as to what all of this is about.

Abeer’s Quest for Answers Unveils Uncertainty

Trisha adds, “I wanted our ritual to be completed and I can’t hear a no from you, I want you and you are my husband and it’s our mehndi tomorrow you go rest now, I want us to look very pretty and you can share bed with me.” Abeer exits the room, saying, “Let’s talk tomorrow.” The next day, Abeer begins seeking for Moushmi but is unsuccessful. Abeer phones Neerja and is told that Maa is not at home, and that Neerja is not answering her phone.

Munmun is looking forward to Abeer’s reaction to the truth. Munmun recalls doing Rangoli herself every year after being disappointed with Trisha’s Rangoli. Trisha recommends doing it together next year, but Munmun says he won’t be there. Trisha hugs Abeer and excuses herself to look for Moushmi. Abeer requests Moushmi’s decision.

Moushmi advises that they must remove the negative and keep only the positive throughout Diwali. Despite Abeer’s affection for her, she admits she can’t accept Neerja. Abeer insists on his love for Neerja and that he has already married her. He recalls everything from his past, even if they kept it hidden from him. Moushmi views their marriage as a forgery, but Abeer swears their vows were genuine.

Abeer’s Confrontation with Moushmi Unravels Chaos

Abeer confronts Moushmi, emphasizing that Moushmi abused Neerja, causing her anguish. He feels desperate without her and accuses Moushmi of being oblivious to his plight. Moushmi smacks him in the heat of the moment. Abeer goes to Neerja’s aid. Munmun, ecstatic, sees Abeer push Trisha aside as he rushes to Sonagachi. Neerja is taken aback to find him there.

Abeer professes his wish to be with Neerja and abandons everything. He proposes marriage and suggests that they begin a new life far away. Neerja hesitates, remembering Moushmi’s warnings, knowing that his family will not accept her as their daughter-in-law. She loves Abeer but refuses to split up his family for his sake.

Abeer, frustrated, expresses his sadness, wondering if she can forget him. Neerja acknowledges she can’t and declares, “You are everything to me,” but will your family and Moushmi accept her or her background? Despite the family concerns, she wonders if Abeer is ready to marry her.


Didun returns to Sonagachi.

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