Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 23rd December 2023 Episode Update

Kitchen Chaos and Trisha’s Threats

When Sarthak gets to the kitchen, he asks, “How did the lights go?” and discovers a microwave on fire, a short circuit, and a spoon inside. Sarthak is asked to procure an electrician by Bijoy. Okay, Sarthak responds, asking how Neerja plans to study. Abeer becomes concerned about Neerja’s research. Neerja tells him to calm down, lights a candle, and assures him that she won’t worry while he is with her. After saying, “I’ll handle this,” Abeer walks away. Bijoy searches for a candle. Let the gloom remain, Moushmi adds; light is not good in this family. She is asked to quit whining about the circumstances by Bijoy. I won’t till I have my son back, adds Moushmi.

Munmun proposes getting some ice cream, but she finds Bappa’s eagerness to call Neerja annoying. In order to get Bappa ready, Kaushik advises Munmun to concentrate on Neerja and Abeer until Bijoy and Moushmi kick them out of the house. When Sarthak sees Trisha hanging around Abeer and Neerja’s room, he confronts her for interrupting Neerja’s study sessions by setting off a short circuit. Trisha acknowledges it, sure that Sarthak’s standing in the home will prevent anyone from believing him. She makes a threat to take Neerja away quickly.

Neerja’s Heroic Acts

Assuring Trisha that the lights will return shortly, Abeer finds her afraid and alone. Abeer refuses to go on a drive, saying that Neerja’s academics should come first. Trisha begs. Meanwhile, Moushmi is startled when a fire breaks out due to Bijoy’s excessive candle lighting. When Neerja seeks for assistance, Abeer comes to her aid and helps her study. A fire breaks out in Bijoy’s chamber, trapping both Moushmi and him. Neerja jumps to their defense, putting out the fire and saving them. Neerja phones Abeer, but he doesn’t answer because he’s assisting Trisha. Neerja steps up to help Bijoy and Moushmi, calling her family.

Moushmi asks Neerja to call Abeer back at home, but Trisha steps in and stops Abeer from answering Neerja’s call. Neerja uses camphor to help Bijoy, but it has unanticipated results that startle Moushmi. Sarthak, Kaushik, and Munmun help Bijoy as they get home. Neerja informs Abeer about Bijoy’s condition as he gets back, demanding his quick attention. When the doctor shows up, the family becomes concerned after learning that Neerja administered Bijoy camphor.


In an effort to save Neerja, Abeer phones the police. When Didun drives by, the police believe Neerja is inside the vehicle, so Abeer and the police follow her.

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