Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 1st December 2023 Episode Update

Neerja takes Protima’s hand as she draws her final breath. Abeer detects a problem and plays his mouth organ. It dawns on Bijoy and Moushmi. Moushmi tells Bijoy, “There’s a lot of pain in his music today; let me go check on him.” Bijoy advises don’t leave him alone. Moushmi replies, “My son is so kind and generous; why does he have to go through so much hardship?” Bijoy believes Abeer would find happiness soon. Trisha, according to Moushmi, will deliver this happiness.

Munmun hears a car and goes to see who has arrived so late. Trisha enters the house, terrified. Munmun notices mud footprints. Trisha gulps water to calm herself in the kitchen. Munmun suspects it’s Trisha and goes to investigate. Trisha is fast asleep, but Munmun notices that her footwear are muddy.

Shocking Revelation

Neerja tells Protima to get up since the doctor would be there shortly. Abeer questions why he believes Neerja requires his assistance. The doctor examines Protima and declares her dead. In disbelief, Neerja declares that this is not possible and attempts to awaken Protima. Didun steps out, appearing as if she knows nothing, and asks what happened. Neerja suggests that Didun accompany her to the hospital. Didun checks and informs Neerja that it is pointless because Protima is no longer alive. Didun urges that they prepare for Protima’s final rites now that she has died. Chakri tries to explain Protima’s absence to Neerja, but she refuses, slapping Chakri.

Someone mentions Protima collapsing while doing housework. Didun underlines the inevitability of fate, pushing Neerja to prepare for Protima’s ceremonies. Neerja’s inability to accept Protima’s death causes an emotional breakdown in which she begs Protima to wake up. She recalls making a promise to save Protima from Sonagachi. Chakri comforts Neerja, assuring her that Protima would not recover consciousness and advising her to let Protima, who has suffered greatly, rest peacefully.

Neerja and Abeer’s Moments

Neerja recognizes Protima’s difficulties and decides she deserves a peaceful slumber. She starts singing a lullaby, recalling their childhood memories. Meanwhile, at Abeer’s haldi ceremony, he mulls on Neerja’s wish for his parents’ permission to marry.

Munmun introduces Trisha, who is concerned that Didun may have thwarted Protima’s ambitions. Moushmi protects Trisha and Abeer from evil sights while the haldi ceremony continues. Abeer gets lost in meditation and allows Trisha to direct his hand for the ceremony. Moushmi is overjoyed that Trisha will now look after Abeer.

Commissioner’s Surprise Visit

The commissioner arrives unexpectedly, alerting Trisha to the possibility of arrest. Bijoy claims that it is a nice visit, but the commissioner jokes about their marriage going to imprisonment, implying that Abeer and Trisha’s life are about to change dramatically. Munmun detects an anomaly and decides to explore. Meanwhile, Abeer, who is sentimental, misses Neerja.

Kaushik informs Abeer that his phone is dead, and he fears that he may miss vital calls. Kaushik says, “I’ll charge this.” I was waiting for Neerja, Abeer thinks, and now nothing matters.

Neerja attends Protima’s funeral. Abeer receives Protima’s voicemail. Didun is threatening Neerja. Abeer enters and places sindoor on Neerja’s forehead, saying, “Dare anyone touch my wife?”

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