Kumkum Bhagya 24th December 2023 Written Update | Prachi’s Family Impressed

Bina and Suresh begin the show by praising Purvi. Ashok tells Bina and Suresh that they have breached their boundaries. They haven’t seen Prachi’s true side as a mother, according to Ashok. Ashok tells Bina that Prachi has been explaining them politely until now because they are soon to become in-laws. Ashok compliments Prachi on how she handled the situation. He tells Bina that he hopes they don’t make the same mistake again. Bina concurs. Ashok is praised by Prachi’s relatives.

Purvi Plans Krishna’s Welcome

Purvi and Ashutosh are on their way home. Bina goes to get Purvi some water. Diya inquires of Ashutosh about the banquet hall reservation. Yes, says Ashutosh. According to Ashutosh, there will be Haldi, Mehandi, and Sangeet in the same banquet venue. Visakha adds her thoughts. Prachi requests that Bina deliver her half of the banquet hall bill. Purvi claims there is no need for it because they booked the banquet space for half the price thanks to Rajvansh’s assistance. Prachi compliments Rajvansh. Purvi tells Prachi that she wants to welcome Krishna. Prachi concurs.

Harleen Expresses Frustration with Rajvansh

Rajvansh and Yug are on their way home. Harleen informs Rajvansh that it is 11 p.m. and inquires about the nature of his profession. She questions Rajvansh about his lack of concern for her sentiments. Harleen is irritated with Rajvansh because he is unconcerned about his health.

Dadaji and Hermal both chastise Rajvansh for not worrying about his health. Rajvansh apologizes to Harleen and requests that she punish him. Harleen hugs Rajvansh and apologizes.

Yug comments on Rajvansh after she was punished by Purvi in the morning and he is now being scolded by Harleen. Rajvansh considers Purvi and calls her.

Purvi’s Anxieties About New Relationships

Diya questions Purvi about her anxious expression. Purvi tells Diya that Prachi told her that when a woman marries into a house. She will have new relationships and she will need to make that house into a home. But she isn’t experiencing any of it; she is only worried that something horrible may happen.

Purvi answers Rajvansh’s phone call. Rajvansh tells Purvi that he had considered calling her, as he had informed her the day before. Purvi claims that there is no need because they met at the hotel. Rajvansh accepts and then hangs up the phone.

Banquet Hall Inspection

The Ashutosh and Prachi families arrive at the banquet hall. Sheela compliments the banquet hall. After speaking with Purvi, Ashutosh says he will go view the other banquet hall. Ashutosh then departs.

Jasveer arrives at Prachi’s house to persuade her to annul Ashutosh and Purvi’s marriage and give him Purvi’s hand in marriage. But he discovers that Purvi’s family has gone to the banquet hall because today is her Sangeet.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2023 Episode Update

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