Dharam Patni 25th September 2023 Episode Update

Scene 1: Malhar’s Manipulation

Pratiksha’s Request to Stay Outside

Pratiksha tells Malhar that nobody is at home and asks him to wait outside if he wants to meet Ravi. She emphasizes that she requested him to stay outdoors.

Malhar’s Claim

Malhar explains that he needs Pratiksha’s signature on a matter and insists that he came to meet her. He adds that he also needs her signature on another file.

Pratiksha’s Reluctant Permission

Pratiksha enters the room to search for a pen and signs the papers. Malhar takes advantage of the situation and adds something to the water.

Concern for Pratiksha

Ravi becomes concerned about Pratiksha’s well-being and steps outside to contact her. Dadi questions Ravi about what happened, and he expresses his worry.

Manipulative Intentions

Malhar offers Pratiksha the water, claiming she’ll soon pass out, and he’ll take her away safely. Pratiksha unknowingly drinks the water while examining the document.

Scene 2: Unveiling Malhar’s True Colors

Ravi’s Engagement in Pooja

Ravi and his family participate in the religious ceremony with the hosts. However, Ravi remains preoccupied with concern for Pratiksha’s well-being.

Malhar’s Deceptive Conversation

Malhar manipulates the situation further by assuring Pratiksha that he came to the mandap for their wedding and expresses regret for leaving her.

Pratiksha’s Firm Response

Pratiksha firmly rejects Malhar’s claims and emphasizes her happiness with her current husband, Ravi. She dismisses his attempts to disrupt her life.

Malhar’s Insulting Demands

Malhar accuses Pratiksha of having a physical relationship with Ravi and challenges her to prove otherwise, revealing his disrespectful mentality.

Pratiksha’s Defiance

Pratiksha demands that Malhar leave and defends her husband, refusing to entertain any negative remarks about Ravi.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Truth

Return Home

Everyone returns home and discovers Malhar sitting on the sofa with Pratiksha.

Malhar’s False Claims

Malhar urges Pratiksha to reveal their love to everyone and insists that she should not be afraid. Pratiksha denies his claims and doubts that Ravi will believe them.

Confrontation and Disapproval

Mandip confronts Pratiksha, accusing her of hiding her relationship with Malhar and expressing disappointment in her, tarnishing the family’s reputation.

This concludes the breakdown of the scenes and relevant headings based on the provided information.

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