July, 2023

  • 13 July

    Faltu 12th July 2023 Episode Update

    Faltu 12th July 2023 Episode Update: The episode begins with Dadi requesting Ayaan to return home. Ayaan apologizes, saying, “I don’t believe this, and I don’t trust Ruhaan.” Sumitra adds, “I understand; take your time, think about it, and then send divorce papers to Faltu.” Dadi chastises her. Sumitra expresses her concern for his pleasure. Stop fighting, give me some …

  • 13 July

    Anupama 12th July 2023 Episode Update

    In the written episode of “Anupamaa” on 12th July 2023, Kinjal asks Anupama what happened, to which Anupama reveals that she has misplaced her wallet. Kavya suggests they leave, and Anu agrees. Pakhi arrives in tears and embraces Anupama, who asks her what happened and if everything is alright. Pakhi refuses to tell her and instead tries to convince Anupama …

  • 12 July

    Anupama 10th July 2023 Episode Update

    Anupama 10th July 2023 Episode Update. Anupama hears Gurumaa’s message to arrive at Gurukul soon and responds that she will. Kanta packs Anupama’s belongings and asks Bhavesh for assistance in closing a suitcase. Bhavesh wonders why she loaded so many items and how Anupama will lift everything. Anupama is burdened with a mountain of emotions, according to Kanta, and she …