Bhagya Lakshmi 24th December 2023 Written Update | Lakshmi Locked Away

Rishi stands up and heads for Lakshmi’s car. The nurse locks Lakshmi in a room. Shalu and Bani are upset because the asylum staff took Lakshmi away. Ayush visits Bani and Shalu, discovering that the police took Lakshmi to the mental asylum. Ayush queries Shalu and Bani about how they found out Lakshmi was present. Bani and Shalu claim not to have given it any thought. It is revealed to Ayush that Rishi has pursued Lakshmi. Ayush promises to go assist Rishi.

Shalu and Bani speculate as to who may have told the staff at the mental facility. From there, Shalu witnesses Balwinder departing. Bani tells Shalu that there’s a chance Rano teamed up with Balwinder and told him about Lakshmi. Shalu believes Balwinder may have told the asylum’s residents.

Disturbing Revelations and Family Shockwaves

Malishka receives a call from the asylum doctor via video, who informs her that Lakshmi is admitted to the mental asylum. Malishka requests that the asylum physician ensure Lakshmi doesn’t abscond from the mental asylum once more. She receives assurances from the asylum doctor that he will handle it. Additionally, the asylum doctor informs Malishka that he will begin Lakshmi’s unique therapy tomorrow in an attempt to drive Lakshmi insane. Malishka is excited to hear this. Malishka believes she is winning in every situation.

Virendra asks Ayush over the phone how it is possible that Lakshmi was taken to the mental asylum by the police. Ayush explains the situation. Ayush claims he is unaware of it. Harleen asks Virendra what happened. According to Virendra, Lakshmi has been admitted to the mental asylum. Then Harleen passes out.

Desperate Pleas and Family Turmoil

Ayush goes to Rishi after noticing him. Ayush hears Rishi tell him to go save Lakshmi. It’s not conceivable, according to Ayush, because the police are on high alert right now and trying to save Lakshmi will lead them into problems. When Rishi visits the temple, he asks Maata Rani why she permits Lakshmi to be treated unfairly. Rishi tells Maata Rani that Lakshmi is a great admirer of hers and implores her to save him. Rishi begins to ring the bell of the temple nonstop. When Lakshmi knocks on the door, no one answers, despite her request.

When Shalu and Bani visit Rano, they accuse him of sending Lakshmi to the mental institution and conspiring with Balwinder for financial gain. In defense of herself, Rano claims it has been a while since she last saw Balwinder. Because Shalu and Bani don’t think she’s telling the truth, they begin to look for proof.

Spiritual Fervor and Family Strife

When Ayush stops Rishi, he tells him that his actions are just hurting himself. Rishi informs Ayush that Maata Rani may be sleeping and that he is waking her up. After telling Rishi that they ought to return home, Ayush pulls him out of there. A cockroach terrifies Lakshmi. Lakshmi remembers how she used a Bhoot to exit the room because she fears the cockroach will return. She makes the same decision to flee. Neelam and Karishma receive a treat from Sonia, who also tells them to celebrate Lakshmi’s admission to the mental institution. Virendra becomes agitated upon hearing this.

The episode is over.

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd December 2023 Episode Update

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